BeppoSAX before launch Reference list

1984 - April 1996

52 entries

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Walgate, R.
Safety in Numbers / Italian X-Ray Satellite / SAX

Scarsi, L.
The SAX Mission

Bleeker, J. A. M.
Profile of scientific research in space to the year 2000

1.00000/1986A                          M                                  
Citterio, O.; Conti, G.; Mattaini, E.; Santambrogio, E.; Sacco, B.
Optics for X-ray concentrators on board of the Astronomy Satellite SAX

1.00000/1986A                          M                                  
Giarrusso, S.; Manzo, G.; Re, S.
A primary scintillation gated high pressure position sensitive gas scintillation proportional counter (HPGSPC) for applications to X-ray astronomy

Scarsi, L.
The SAX Mission

1.00000/1988A                          M                                  
Bonelli, G.; Conti, G.; Mattaini, E.; Citterio, O.
Characterization of the mandrels used to produce replicated prototype mirrors for the Italian X-ray satellite SAX

1.00007/1989A                          M                                  
Sumner, T. J.
Soft-electron background in X-ray telescopes using grazing-incidence optics in near-earth orbits

1.00011/1989A                          M      C                          
Favata, Fabio; Smith, Alan
The performance of a low energy gas scintillation proportional counter for the SAX X-ray astronomy satellite

1.00011/1989A                          M                                  
Giarrusso, S.; La Rosa, G.; Manzo, G.; Re, S.; Biserni, F.
Energy and position resolution of high pressure gas scintillation proportional counter on board the Italian-Dutch X-ray astronomy satellite SAX

1.00011/1989A                          M      C                          
Jager, R.; In't Zand, J. J. M.; Schuurmans, J. J.; Heise, J.; Mels, W. A.
Coded mask cameras for SAX

1.00011/1989A                                  C                          
Mushotzky, R. F.
Signposts to the future

Bleeker, J. A. M.; Hermsen, W.
X-ray and Gamma-ray astronomy; Proceedings of Symposium 14 of the 27th COSPAR Plenary Meeting, Espoo, Finland, July 18-29, 1988

1.00000/1990A                                  C                          
Perola, G. C.
The X-ray astronomy mission SAX

1.00000/1990A                      T                                      
Gorenstein, Paul; Zombeck, Martin
High resolution X-ray spectroscopy of cosmic plasmas

Butler, R. C.
The X-ray astronomy satellite SAX

1.00000/1990A                      T                                      
Kondo, Yoji
Observatories in earth orbit and beyond

Butler, R. C.; Scarsi, L.
The SAX mission for X-ray astronomy

Parmar, A. N.; Smith, A.; Bavdaz, M.
A Low Energy Gas Scintillation Proportional Counter for the Sax-X Astronomy Satellite

1.00011/1990                            M      C                          
Butler, R. C.; Scarsi, Livio
SAX mission

1.00011/1990A                          M                                  
Giarrusso, S.; La Rosa, G.; Manzo, G.; Re, S.; Sole, L.
Performance characteristics of the Medium Energy Gas Scintillation Proportional Counter on board the Italian Dutch X-ray Astronomy Satellite SAX

Bassani, L.; Palumbo, G. G. C.; Vedrenne, G.
Recent results and perspective instrumental developments in X- and gamma-ray astronomy; Proceedings of the Topical Meeting of the Interdisciplinary Scientific Commission E (Meetings E4 and E8) of the COSPAR 28th Plenary Meeting, The Hague, Netherlands, June 25-July 6, 1990

Butler, R. C.; Scarsi, L.
The SAX mission

Perola, G. C.
The X-Ray Astronomy Mission SAX

Manca, M.; Negri, F. D'alessandro B.; Trifoglio, M.
SAX Mission Ground Support System

1.00000/1992            G                                                  
Maccarone, M. C.; Sacco, B.; Chiappetti, L.; dal Fiume, D.; Trifoglio, M.; Piro, L.; Ubertini, P.; Perola, G. C.; Heise, J.; Parmar, A.
Bass: Basic Scientific Software for SAX

1.00000/1992A          G                                                  
Jager, R.; Schuurmans, J. J.; In't Zand, J. J. M.; Heise, J.
Development of a Data Analysis System for the SAX X-Ray Wide Field Cameras

1.00000/1992            G                                                  
D'Alessandro, F.; Coletta, A.; Natalucci, L.; Negri, M. B.
The Scientific Data Processing System at the Operational Control Center of the SAX Satellite

1.00000/1992            G                                                  
D'Alessandro, F.; Lupi, M. C.; Negri, M. B.
Designing and Prototyping the Raw Data Archive for the SAX Mission

Butler, R. C.; Scarsi, L.
The SAX Mission

Scarsi, L.
SAX overview

1.00010/1992A                          M                                  
Bonura, A.; Giarrusso, S.; Lombardo, L.; Manzo, G.; Re, S.; La Rosa, G.; Celi, F.; di Raffaele, R.; Conti, G.; Brauninger, H.
Performance characteristics of the scientific model of the medium energy concentrator spectrometer on board the X-ray astronomy satellite SAX

dal Fiume, D.; Frontera, F.
A perspective view to hard-X-ray astronomy

1.00010/1992A                          M                                  
Bonura, A.; Giarrusso, S.; Lombardo, L.; Manzo, G.; Re, S.; La Rosa, G.; Celi, F.; di Raffaele, R.
The High Pressure Gas Scintillation Proportional Counter - Performance characteristics of the scientific model

1.00001/1993A          G                      C                          
Scarsi, L.
SAX overview

1.00001/1993A                          M                                  
Citterio, O.; Conconi, P.; Ghigo, M.; Mazzoleni, F.; Brauninger, H.; Burkert, W.; Schultz, N.; Gondoin, P.; van Katwijk, K.; Laurance, R.
Results of X-ray measurements on electroformed mirror shells for the XMM project

1.00002/1993A                          M                                  
Gorenstein, Paul
Nontraditional grazing incidence optics for x-ray astronomy

1.00012/1993A                                  C                          
Jager, R.; Heise, J.; In't Zand, J. J. M.; Brinkman, A. C.
Wide Field Cameras for SAX

Scarsi, L.
SAX overview

1.00000/1994A  E      G                                                  
dal Fiume, Daniele; Frontera, Filippo; Orlandini, Mauro; Trifoglio, Massimo
The Calibration Data Archive and Analysis system for PDS, the high energy instrument on board the SAX satellite.

1.00007/1994A          G                  R  C      S                  
Ghisellini, Gabriele; Haardt, Francesco
On thermal Comptonization in e+/- pair plasmas

1.00008/1994A          G                  R  C      S                  
In't Zand, J. J. M.; Heise, J.; Jager, R.
The optimum open fraction of coded apertures. With an application to the wide field X-ray cameras of SAX

1.00000/1995A  E                                                          
Favata, F.; Parmar, A. N.; Lammers, U.; Vacanti, G.; Busetta, M.; Mathieu, J. J.; Isherwood, P.
The SAX-LEGSPC Data Reduction and Analysis System: an Example of a Minimalist Approach

1.00000/1995A  E                                                          
dal Fiume, D.; Frontera, F.; Nicastro, L.; Orlandini, M.; Trifoglio, M.
The Data Analysis System For The PDS Detector On-board the SAX Satellite
Piro, L.
SAX observers' handbook

Smale, A. P.; Mukai, K.; Swank, J. H.; Christian, D. J.; Parmar, A. N.
The Globular Clusters Project -- First Results from ASCA

1.00000/1996                                            S                  
Piro, L.
SAX, the wide band mission for x-ray astronomy

1.00000/1996A  E                                                          
Jager, R.; Heise, J.; Savenije, M. H. F.; Schuurmans, J. J.; de Vries, C. P.; Wiersma, G. J.
The Netherlands SAX Data Center

1.00000/1996A  E                                                          
Maccarone, M. C.
The SAX Scientific Software

1.00002/1996            G                                                  
Giarrusso, S.; Santangelo, A.; Fazio, G.; Ciralli, F.; Piraino, S.; Segreto, A.; Manzo, G.
Spectral capabilities in the hard X-ray band with the HPGSPC onboard the Italian-Dutch satellite SAX

1.00002/1996            G                                                  
Jager, R.; Heise, J.; Brinkman, A. C.
X-Ray Wide Field Cameras for SAX

1.00002/1996            G                                                  
Molendi, S.; Chiappetti, L.; Boella, G.; Conti, G.; Cusumano, G.; del Sordo, S.; La Rosa, G.; Maccarone, M. C.; Re, S.; Sacco, B.; Tripliciano, M.
Ground Calibrations of the Medium Energy Experiment on board the X-Ray Astronomy Satellite SAX