The second BeppoSAX Announcement of Opportunity (AO2) has been released on September 15 1997. This AO is dedicated to the Core Program and to the Guest Observers Program and covers the period 1st March 1998-28th February 1999.

AO2 targets approved for the Core Program.

AO2 proposals for the Guest Observers Program must be submitted
not later than January 20 1998

The complete AO2 documentation ( Announcement , SAX Observer Handbook) is available from our anonymous FTP account of in directory pub/sax/doc.

Proposers should carefully read the technical sections of the SAX Observer handbook and of the Addendum

Response matrices, effective area files, for all instruments (LECS, MECS, HPGSPC, PDS and WFC) and background files for the four NFI are also located in the pub/sax/cal/responses/97_9 and pub/sax/cal/bgd/97_5 portions of the anonymous FTP account.

A number of Web tools are available for the simulation of BeppoSAX data and for the estimation of exposure times etc.

A tool for the AO2 Proposal Form Preparation is available; help can be obtained here.

Questions should be addressed to:

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