Dear SAX user,

This is the second BeppoSAX "e-mail news" message and covers the 
following topics:
        1. Availability of BeppoSAX LONG and SHORT TERM observation program
	2. The official AO1 Approved Target List document 
        3. BeppoSAX "first results" on-line
        4. BeppoSAX "e-mail news" archive 

				Paolo Giommi & Fabrizio Fiore

  					SAX SDC 


1. Availability of BeppoSAX long and short term observation program.
  The long-awaited BeppoSAX observation plan is now available on-line
from our WEB service (
Two pages have been created to give access to a detailed observation schedule 
for the current week, and to a more approximate long term plan covering 
the next few months. Please note that the timelines can change without
notice due to TOO observations.
To access these services just click on the "Timelines" button on our home page.

2. The Official AO1 approved target list document.
This document includes the official list of approved targets for the 
SVP and AO1 Core Program and Guest Observers Program. It also includes 
the full list of accepted proposals and the e-mail and postal addresses
of all SAX PI's.
It can be retrieved from our anonymous ftp 

 Name : anonymous
 cd /pub/sax/doc/ao1
 get   (for a postscript compressed file)
 get  (for a postscript 'gzipped' file)

Alternatively it can be obtained from out WEB home page 
under the "documentation" button.

3. BeppoSAX "First results" on-line.
Some early results from the BeppoSAX observatory are now available
on line from our WEB service ( For the time
being this page includes first light data and two IAU circulars. In the
near future more images, spectra etc.. will be added.

4. BeppoSAX "e-mail news" archive.
A complete set of all the e-mail news will be kept on-line and accessible from
our WEB service under the "documentation" pages.