WFC Image of Galactic Centre

The Galactic Centre has been observed with the Beppo SAX Wide Field Camera 1 (WFC1) in August 1996. Here an image is shown of the 40 degrees by 40 degrees field centred at RA = 265.27 degrees, Dec = -29.04 degrees. The image was deconvolved and labeled by R. Jager (SRON, Utrecht, The Netherlands).
The observation period was from 22-8-1996 07.54 UT through to 23-8-1996 11.38 UT, while the effective exposure totalled about 51 kiloseconds. The number of accepted events was 1.7955 x 10^7 in the energy bands 12-23, corresponding to a range of 5.4 - 11.3 keV.
The legenda for the galactic centre source indicated with a yellow star (1E1743.1-2843), is given at lower right in the image.

To our knowledge this is the largest field ever imaged in X-rays in a single pointing.

WFC 1 ( 5.4 - 11.3 keV ) image