The Scientific Analysis Component of SDC

The SAX Science Data Center is the main interface between the SAX project and the scientific community.
The SDC is composed of two main parts:

- The Scientific Analysis Component (SAC)
- The Mission Support Component (MSC).

It is responsible for the following activities:

The BeppoSAX SDC is located in Rome, Italy at the following addresses
c/o Telespazio
Via Corcolle 19
I00131 Roma, Italy
telephone +39 6 4079 6307
fax +39 6 4079 6291

ASI Science Data Center (ASDC)
Via G. Galilei
I00044 Frascati, Italy
telephone +39 6 94180 871
fax +39 6 94180 872

Please address any questions/suggestions to:

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