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Software for Scientific Data Reduction & Analysis

The raw telemetry data from pointed observations of the SAX instrument are available in the form of so-called Final Observation Tapes (FOTs). Prior to any actual scientific analysis with popular X-ray software packages such as Xspec, Ximage, and Xronos, or any other packages or home-grown software, the FOT data have to be pre-processed using a system of dedicated programs to produce linearized and screaned final producs, like event files, spectra, images or light curves. We call all this data reduction .

Software for SAX data reduction and a complete set of in flight calibrations is released by BeppoSAX SDC on our anonymous server.

Short segments of the BeppoSAX Science Verification Phase observation of the Crab supernova remnant are available to Guest Observers to familiarize with the reduction and analysis software. For the helpfile click here.

After the reduction, data can be scientifically analyzed. A short cookbook for data analysis is also available, as well as an handbook for NFI spectral analysis (ftp.asdc.asi.it anonymous ftp, cd pub/sax/doc/software_docs/saxabc_v1.2.ps.gz).

Intercalibration between BeppoSAX and ASCA instruments is discussed in a brief report

Please send questions/problem reports to: helpdesk@sax.sdc.asi.it