The SAX LECS, MECS & PDS Data Analysis System

The SAXDAS software results from the inclusion of the MECS PDS and HPGSPC instrument software in the SAXLEDAS software, (SAX LECS Data Analysis System) originally developed at ESA/SSD for the LECS instrument. LECS, MECS, HPGSPC and PDS software in the SAXDAS share the same basic philosophy and some of the programs (a stronger similarity existing between LECS and MECS procedures). The dialog with the SAXDAS programs is through runstrings and parameter files.

SAXDAS is freely available via anonymous ftp from SAX SDC ftp server . Latest version currently distributed is 2.3.1 (released on April 2002).

LECS & MECS data analysis software:


The saxpipe script is available to run the LECS, MECS or PDS data reduction in an automized, non-graphical way after the FOT reading and up to the creation of a corrected and cleaned photon list (LECS and MECS) or final spectra and light curves (PDS) . The LECS data reduction can be accessed also by means of the lecspipe script.

In order to facilitate Interactive Processing, a graphical-user-interface tool called scs (SAXDAS Command Shell) is also available, from within all software activities can be controlled in a convenient manner.


All necessary information to process LECS and MECS data with the SAXDAS is contained in the following documents:

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