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ASDC Newsletter #1



This is the first issue of the ASDC NewsletterAfter  several years of growing involvement in scientific space data archiving we feel the need to  enhance our support to the Italian and international scientific community starting a newsletter. Our hope is to provide users with practical information about our activities and services, including multi-mission data access and associated analysis and visualization tools.

The ASDC is a facility managed by the Exploration and Observation of the Universe, which is part of the ASI-Technical Directorate. It acts in close cooperation with the National Institute of Astrophysics (INAF), with the partecipation of the National Institute of Nuclear Phisycs (INFN) and a number of Universities in Italy.

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ASDC team (not complete)INTRODUCTION

Established in the fall of 2000 as an evolution of the BeppoSAX SDC, the ASI Science Data Center (ASDC) has been operating for nearly ten years as a growing multi-mission, multi-frequency space astronomy facility. The ASDC's main task is to support astronomy space missions with strong ASI involvement like Swift, AGILE, Fermi, Herschel, Planck, NuSTAR and Gaia(read more)...



SED Builder


The ASDC graphical GUI "SED Builder"  is an advanced tool developed at the ASDC, recently updated and completely rewritten in JAVA, that allows Web users to manage and display the Spectral Energy Distribution (SED) of astrophysical sources.  The ASDC  "SED Builder" combines data from several missions and experiments, both ground and space-based, together with catalogs and archival data. (read more...)



 On-line Preview of AGILE data from ASDC MMIA webpages

A new interactive tool has been developed at the ASI Science Data Center to allow Web users to have a preview of the AGILE public data fields and to perform an interactive preliminary analysis around a chosen sky position. AGILE, launched in April 2007, is a completely Italian mission funded by ASI, built and operated in cooperation with INAF, INFN and CIFS. AGILE-GRID gamma-ray data in the 30 MeV - 50 GeV energy range are subjected to a one-year proprietary period starting from the date when the Guest Observer (or the AGILE Team) receives the data in a format that is suitable for analysis and publication. (read more...)


Herschel The Herschel Support Center at the ASDC

The ASDC provides a wide-range support to the Italian community interested in the Herschel Space Observatory opportunities. The Herschel payload includes three scientific instruments (PACS, SPIRE and HIFI) built to perform photometry and spectroscopy in the 55-670 micron ranges with different observing techniques. The mission lifetime is determined by the evaporation of the helium contained in the cryostat, allowing at least 3 years of Routine Phase (which started on January 2010). This aspect introduces an high competition level in the selection of observing programmes (read more...) 


Outreach"Frascati Scienza"

The Italian Space Agency (ASI), represented in Frascati by the ASI Science Data Center (ASDC) presented the 5th Science Week and European Researcher’s Night, held in Frascati, a small town hosting several major scientific Institutes (located a few kilometers south of Rome), from 18 to 26 September, 2010.  (read more..)