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ASDC Newsletter #3



The ASDC is a facility managed by the Exploration and Observation of the Universe unit of ASI, which is part of the ASI-Technical Directorate. It acts in close cooperation with the National Institute of Astrophysics (INAF), with the participation of the National Institute of Nuclear Physics (INFN) and a number of Universities in Italy.

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CatalogsNew ASDC catalog layout and VO access

The ASDC web pages dedicated to the on-line access to public astronomical catalogs, have been recently renewed by the ASDC team with a novel layout. The new design presents several new features, including powerful multi-criteria filtering options, aimed at increasing the catalog information management. But the most important feature is the implementation of the WebSAMPConnector applet ( more)





On-line Fermi services from ASDC

The NASA Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope is a powerful space observatory that has opened a new window on the universe. With a huge leap in all key capabilities, Fermi data enable scientists to answer persistent questions across a broad range of topics, including supermassive black-hole systems, pulsars, the origin of cosmic rays, and searches for signals of new physics ( more)




SwiftNew release of the Swift-XRT Data Analysis Software

A new release of the Swift X-Ray Telescope Data Analysis Software (XRTDAS, v. 2.7.0) is available here as part of the HEASoft 6.11 package distributed by the NASA HEASARC. The XRTDAS package, designed and developed under the responsibility of the ASDC, is part of the official pipeline used at the NASA Swift Data Center to generate the scientific archive for the Swift instrument data. ( more)




BZCATThe 3rd Edition of the Roma-BZCAT is on-line at ASDC

The 3rd Edition of the Roma-BZCAT Multifrequency Catalog of BLAZAR is available on-line at the ASDC. The Roma-BZCAT (Massaro et al. 2009) is one of the most complete list of Active Galactic Nuclei whose emission properties are recognised as typical of blazars. ( more)