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ASDC Newsletter #7


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Planck reveals an almost perfect Universe 

On 21 March 2013, the Planck collaboration released the most detailed map of the Cosmic Microwave Background.The ESA Planck satellite was launched on May 14th, 2009, togheter with Herschel. The payload carries two instruments covering the millimeter and submillimeter frequency spectrum from 30 to 857GHz. The Low Frequency Instrument, mostly funded by ASI, is led by N. Mandolesi of the Italian Space Agency. The High Frequency Instrument is led by J.-L. Puget of the IAS-Paris Sud. The sky image reproduced below is based on the initial 15.5 months of Planck data. Overall, the information extracted from Planck's new map provides an excellent confirmation of the standard model of cosmology at an unprecedented accuracy, setting a new benchmark in our manifest of the contents of the Universe. ( more)


First results from the AMS-02 experiment

On 2013 April 3rd, nobel laureate professor Samuel Ting presented at CERN the recent results from the AMS-02 experiment. In this first scientific report from the AMS-02 experiment, a measurement of the positron fraction, i.e. the ratio of the number of positrons to the total number of electrons plus positrons, at energies between 0.5 to 350 GeV has been presented. The measurements is performed with very high statistical precision. This first result confirms an unexplained excess of high-energy positrons in cosmic rays, extending the measurement up to 350 GeV and with an unprecedented precision. ( more)





Latest News from the AGILE Science Data Center (ADC)

News include the announcement of the 11th AGILE Workshop to celebrate the sixth year of in-orbit AGILE operations, the release of the AGILE-MCAL Gamma-ray Burst Catalog on-line at ASDC, the award ceremony of the Bruno Rossi prize 2012 to Marco Tavani and the AGILE Team, the announcement that all the AGILE Cycle-4 public data are available from the ASDC Multimission Archive (MMIA). ( more)






The very first MATISSE version for Solar System Exploration missions

Since the end of January a first version of the tool for the Solar System Exploration missions is available on the ASDC website. MATISSE (Multi-purpose Advanced Tool for Instruments for the Solar System Exploration) has been presented in a talk at the XI National Planetary Sciences Congress (Bormio, 4th to 8th February 2013). Its first version (Demo Version 0.1) has limited functionalities only, but it already allows to access and visualize some public data from the International Rosetta Mission overlaid on the shape model of the asteroid 21 Lutetia. ( more)







MAGIC AGN Meeting 2013 held at ASDC

On February 11-14 2013, ASDC and INAF hosted the periodic AGN meeting of the MAGIC Collaboration. The meeting took place at ASDC in the ESA/ESRIN site and it was devoted to the presentation of new results and future projects in the field of the AGN science with the MAGIC telescopes. The meeting was carried out through both MAGIC-restricted meetings as well as open sessions about the most recent advancements in AGN and extragalactic astrophysics in the very high energy regime. In particular, the open session of February 13 was attended by about 40 scientists focussing on the multi-wavelength phenomenology of AGN/Blazars. ( more)