This WEB X-ray events simulator is intended to support our users in simulating fields to be observed with the imaging instruments of BeppoSAX and of other operational or planned X-ray astronomy satellites. This simulator is not designed to support extreme calibration detail as some ray-tracing programs do. Its purpose is rather to be fast, flexible and multi-mission but still provide sufficient technical and astrophysical accuracy to support the user in planning proposals and in comparing real data with the expectations to quickly detect unexpected features.
Three types of simulations are supported:
  • Random sky plus a target (pointlike or extended) with specified spectral shape.
  • Specific fields where the flux and source position information is taken from one of the following catalogs : ROSAT WGA; ROSAT SRC; RASSBSC.
  • Fields with position and spectral information provided by the user

The output of the simulation is a FITS/OGIP event file that can be retrieved by the user or that can be stored in a temporary archive where a standard analysis can be run directly from the WEB. The BeppoSAX interactive archive system can then be used to a) extract specific products (fits images, spectra etc.) or b) to refine the standard results by remotely running more detailed analysis programs on the simulated data.

For more information consult the detailed on-line HELP

A list of examples is also available to facilitate the usage of this service.

Maintained by P.Giommi

Last update: December 22 2000