12th AGILE Science Workshop
"ASTRO-EARTH: astrophysics and high-energy terrestrial phenomena"
May 8 and 9, 2014
ASI Headquarters, Via del Politecnico, Rome

Workshop poster

 ANNOUNCEMENT: 12th AGILE Scientific Workshops - ASDC 8-9 May, 2014


We are pleased to invite you to the 12th AGILE Science Workshop to be held in Rome, ASI Headquarters
Sala "Cassini" - via del Politecnico snc, Roma
8-9 maggio, 2014.

The Workshop is aimed at providing an overview of the most relevant recent developments in high-energy astrophysics with its links to terrestrial physics as demonstrated by the recent results of the AGILE mission. At its seventh year of operations in space, AGILE is providing crucial data for cosmic gamma-ray sources as well as for high-energy radiative and particle events originating from the Earth. The Workshop will address both lines of research.

A series of talks will cover the following topics:

First day
  • Galactic binaries: "hidden" and "manifest" black holes
  • Puzzling Galactic gamma-ray transients
  • New results on pulsar wind nebulae
  • Cosmic ray acceleration in the Galaxy: recent breakthroughs and challenges
  • Gamma-ray blazars, observational and theoretical new results
  • Relativistic jets and plasma physics
  • Fast transients, GRBs, fast alerts
  • Future projects in high-energy astrophysics
Second day
  • Terrestrial gamma-ray flashes: atmospheric physics and meteorology
  • TGF impacts
  • The International Space Station and TGF research: ASIM
  • Studying particle precipitation in low-Earth-orbits
  • Searches for correlations between space particle and terrestrial events
  • Astro-Earth, HORIZON 2020 and the future
Information on the logistics and a preliminary Workshop program (to be updated shortly) can be found at the webpages:
The scientific program and logistics information will be soon available, and will be communicated with a Second Announcement.


The 12th AGILE Science Workshop entitled: "ASTRO-EARTH: astrophysics and high-energy terrestrial phenomena", will be held in Rome, ASI Headquarters, Via del Politecnico, snc Sala "Cassini", on May, 8-9th, 2014.

The preliminary scientific program and logistics information are now available at the web site:
We encourage you to register at the Workshop web site.

The Workshop will include a poster session. If you registered and would like to present a poster, please send your request by noon May 6th with title and abstract to pi.agile@iaps.inaf.it.

Kind Regards,

On behalf of the Organizing Committee.