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The X-ray astronomy satellite BeppoSAX (Satellite per Astronomia X, "Beppo" in honor of Giuseppe Occhialini), is a project of the Italian Space Agency (ASI) with participation of the Netherlands Agency for Aerospace Programs (NIVR). The main scientific characteristic of the BeppoSAX mission is the wide spectral coverage, ranging from 0.1 to over 200 keV. BeppoSAX has been developed with the support of a consortium of institutes in Italy and in The Netherlands and of the Space Science Department of ESA (SSD). A collaboration with the Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics also exists for X-ray mirror testing and the calibration of the concentrator/spectrometer system. Prime contractors for space and ground segments are Alenia Spazio and Telespazio respectively.

As of March 2002 about 1500 BeppoSAX scientific publications have appeared in the literature. A comparison of the BeppoSAX publication rate with that of other astronomy satellites is available here.

New ->BeppoSAX LECS and MECS coordinates estimation has improved significantly. See the BeppoSAX latest news for details

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Versione Italiana