8th AGILE Mini-Workshop - The Third Birthday
28 April 2010, Bologna (Italy)

Workshop poster


28 April 2010

* 10:00-10:10 Welcome (P. Benvenuti, ASI)
* 10:10-10:30 AGILE and gamma-ray blazars: highlights and perspectives (S. Vercellone, INAF-IASF Palermo)
* 10:35-10:55 The extreme ends of the spectrum: the radio/gamma connection (M. Orienti, INAF-IRA Bologna)
* 11:00-11:20 The AGILE view on Galactic Gamma Ray Sources (F. Verrecchia, ASDC)
* 11:25-11:45 Supernova Remnants and Pulsar Wind Nebulae as Gamma-Ray source class. The Fermi view (F. Giordano, INFN Bari)

* 11:50-12:10 Coffee Break

* 12:10-12:30 Observation of Gamma-Ray Bursts with AGILE (E. Del Monte, INAF-IASF Roma)
* 12:35-12:55 High Energy emission from GRB: insights and questions in the AGILE/Fermi era (L. Amati, INAF-IASF Bologna)
* 13:00-13:20 The AGILE Data Center: data archive and processing, Guest Observer Program and AO3 (C. Pittori, ASDC)

* 13.30- 14:30 Lunch

* 14:30-17:00 Special session: Terrestrial Gamma-ray Flashes (TGFs) and atmospheric physics: from cloud electrification to energetic radiation

* 14:30-14:50 Mechanisms of cloud electrification (F. Prodi, CNR-ISAC Bologna)
* 14:55-15:15 Observation of TGFs with AGILE: the current status (M. Marisaldi, INAF-IASF Bologna)
* 15:20-15:40 The ASIM mission and TGF science (N. Ostgaard, Univ. of Bergen)
* 15:45-16:05 Observation of TLEs and their impact on the chemistry of the atmosphere (E. Arnone, Univ. Bologna)
* 16:10-16:30 Characterization of storm systems by means of microwave observations from satellite and concurrent lightning measurements (A. Mugnai, CNR-ISAC Roma)

* 16:50-17:00 Final Remarks (B. Negri, ASI)
* 17:00-17:30 AGILE Scientific Perspectives, Conclusions (M. Tavani, INAF and Univ. TOV)